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Water Treatment Overview


C.C.I. currently markets water treatment chemicals to facilities across the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, and Asia. We manufacture on both coasts with our main plant located in Vernon, CA. Chemical Warehouses are maintained at strategic locations throughout the country. All chemical products are subject to strict quality specifications; they are evaluated when manufactured, and then rechecked when containers ship from the plant. Certificates of quality are available upon customer request.

C.C.I. designs water treatment chemical programs for boilers, cooling towers, chilled and hot water, glycol-chilled loops, closed loop and RO systems. Our ability to precisely analyze water samples and evaluate mechanical issues allows us to custom-design chemical products and treatment programs based on those analyses. We then utilize the most technologically advanced monitoring systems available, while providing on-site testing and analysis to maintain peak performance in the ever-changing environments of water treatment systems.


C.C.I. strives to make service our number one priority. We provide numerous value added services and our support capabilities and responsiveness are among the best in the industry.

C.C.I. has the ability to design and sell complex feed systems – and can often retrofit into existing applications online. We also specialize in design, sale and installation of pretreatment systems, such as water softeners and other demineralization systems, along with filtration units such as carbon filters, sand filters, and other industrial filters.
C.C.I. has a fully equipped laboratory offering services such as residue analysis, microbiological analysis, water analysis, corrosion rate determination, simple metallurgical analysis, and analysis of organic residue among many others. C.C.I. also utilizes many different instruments for analysis, including AA, ICP, FTIR, HPLC, GC, Ion Chromatography, SEM, UV/VIS Spectroscopy, Filter Photometers, and various wet methods. With these analytical capabilities, C.C.I. is able to troubleshoot virtually any problem that may arise and provide the required corrective action in a timely manner.
Upon start-up of a new customer, an extensive training program is initiated with operators, supervisors, and management, if necessary. C.C.I. feels that on-site training is the most important aspect of service. This training opens up communication between customer operators and C.C.I. sales and service representatives. It also sets parameters from the outset to ensure that customer and vendor are on the same page throughout the relationship.
Our customers have many field capabilities available to them as well. C.C.I. can provide equipment and expertise to monitor deposition and corrosion in real-time as well as balance motors. Our customers may also benefit from an annual video inspection of boiler tubes and chiller tubes to check for pitting and deposition. C.C.I. also has the ability to install and service the latest in computer controlled feed systems. By using these computer controlled feed systems and tying them in with other available monitoring systems, system efficiency is increased, while reducing manpower costs.
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