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Quality and Availability

Many of our competitors utilize third party toll blenders for their chemical blending needs. C.C.I. uses our own blending facilities and personnel in the manufacturing of our products to ensure that our products are formulated safely, of highest quality, and on time every time. Seven strategically located warehouses are located across the USA to assure product availability in real time.

Superior Technologies

Our water treatment division features the cutting edge in monitoring water systems. With the ability to track corrosion rates and deposition in real time, accompanied by a system to remotely track and digitally store the chemical variations in a water system by the minute, C.C.I. can proactively monitor changes in a customer’s system – often informing the customer of potential problems before he is aware of the situation.

Knowledge from Experience

C.C.I.’s service and technical expertise is unmatched – our representatives average 15 years in the industry. We have the unique ability to custom-formulate products based on the specific needs of our customers: that is if one of the more than 5,000 products already in our inventory is unable to do the job.