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Water Treatment Chemical Products

C.C.I. has an extensive line of water treatment products. Utilizing our own blending facilities, we manufacture our chemistries to the highest quality standards.
The industries we serve range from oil refining to power production and from steel production to paper converting. We have over 200 USDA approved chemistries for food and medical industries. C.C.I. offers custom blends to improve the efficiency of your system or to meet a specific need within your system.
C.C.I. treatment covers boilers that operate between 15 – 3000 psig.

Our boiler chemicals include the following treatment programs:

  • • Neutralizing Amines
  • • Filming Amines
  • • Oxygen Scavengers
  • • Volatile Oxygen Scavengers
  • • Phosphate, Polymer Programs
  • • Phosphate, Polymer, Sequestrant Programs
  • • Phosphate, Polymer, Chelant Programs
  • • Chelant Programs
  • • All Polymer Programs
  • • Coordinated Phosphate Programs
  • • Congruent Phosphate Programs
  • • All Volatile Programs

Cooling Towers

Our cooling tower applications utilize copolymers and terpolymers that have been shown to be excellent performers under stressed conditions in all of our cooling water products. We also utilize phosphonate chemistry that does not precipitate with calcium as some popular phosphonates do. Our phosphonate chemistry is also stable in the presence of oxidizers. As we mentioned, we can formulate products specific to customer needs or specifications so that costs are minimized and performance is maximized.

Our cooling tower chemicals include the following programs:

  • • Stabilized Phosphate Programs
  • • Phosphonate/Zinc Programs
  • • Zinc/Phosphate Programs
  • • Molybdate Programs
  • • All Organic Programs
  • • High Silica Programs
  • • Chlorine Based Biocides
  • • Bromine Tablets
  • • Sodium Bromide Technology
  • • Various Nonoxidizing Biocides
  • • Potable Water Products
Closed Loops
Our closed loop programs incorporate dispersants to disperse iron and inhibit any potential deposition. This, however, is excluded from the low conductivity products to maintain the needed lower conductivity.
Our closed loop chemicals include the following programs:
  • • Molybdate Chemistry
  • • Nitrite Chemistry
  • • Molybdate, Nitrite Chemistry
  • • Low Conductivity Inhibitors for High Purity Loops
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