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PCB Process Chemicals Overview

We like to say that we “backed into” this aspect of chemical manufacturing. In the early 1990’s, while responding to numerous complaints of poor quality process chemicals that severely compromised the ability to treat the wastewater downstream, C.C.I. began to develop and design process chemicals. Our goal was, and is, to make high quality products that won’t shut your plant down at the outfall.


C.C.I. understands the highly competitive nature of the global printed circuit board industry. We couple innovation and technical support with our process chemicals to allow our customers to compete in this high-pressure industry. Our philosophy towards the printed circuit board industry is simple: offer unmatched innovation and product support with process chemicals to create quality boards at the lowest cost per unit produced. We will continually work with our customers to search for methods to drive down production costs – always with an eye on their bottom line.


C.C.I.’s focus is its continuing emphasis on customer support. We strive to be a strategic supplier and understand the costs associated with delivery of products and maintenance of inventories at your site. We maintain a network of warehousing locations, ranging from manufacturing facilities to dedicated warehouses to support “JIT” delivery, minimize our customer’s on-site inventory, and guarantee uninterrupted supply.


C.C.I. understands the global scale of the printed circuit board industry. We continually work to lower our customer’s production costs by offering our process chemicals at competitive prices – while optimizing process lines and continuously monitoring yields, throughput, and product consumption rates. We strive to reduce cycle times without sacrificing yield.


C.C.I.’s technical support is unsurpassed. From experienced, locally-based technical sales and service representatives to our dedicated chemists and formulators, to our manufacturing staff ; C.C.I. can provide answers for the myriad of issues that occur in the printed circuit board manufacturing environment. Our focus here is simple – proactive involvement.

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