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PCB Process Chemical Products

C.C.I. understands the highly competitive nature of the global printed circuit board industry. We couple innovation and technical support with our process chemicals to allow our customers to compete in this high-pressure industry.

Our philosophy towards the printed circuit board industry is simple: offer unmatched innovation and product support with process chemicals to create quality boards at the lowest cost per unit produced.

We will continually work with our customers to search for methods to drive down production costs – always with an eye on their bottom line.

The list of products that C.C.I. can offer is listed below:

  • • Laminate Preparation Develop, Etch, Strip
  • • Cleaners Developer and Defoamer
  • • Microetch Cupric Chloride Etchant
  • • Photoresist Strippers and Defoamer
  • • Outer Layer Image
  • • Developer and Defoamer Pattern Plate
  • • Pre-Cleaners
  • • Strip, Etch, Strip Microetch
  • • Photoresist Strippers and Defoamer
  • • Tin and Tin/Lead Strippers Soldermask
  • • Preclean
  • • HAL Process Developer and Defoamer
  • • HAL Pre-Clean Uncured Soldermask Stripper
  • • HAL Flux
  • • HAL Post-Clean
  • • Electroless Copper 2000 Process

C.C.I. also has electroless copper process chemicals available to our customers.
Below you will find some of the bullet points for our Electroless Copper Process:

  • • A mid-depth Electroless Process depositing 60 – 70 micro inches in 30 min.
  • • Excellent for small hole deposition
  • • Provides superior peel strength.
  • • Process line consists of: De-Smear, Etch, Cleaner, Catalyst, Accelerator, and Electroless Copper Baths
  • • Superior Performance for Cost
  • • Easy Bath Maintenance

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