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Industrial Cleaner Chemicals Overview

When CCI was founded in the 1950’s, our focus was cleaners.

Custom Cleaners
CCI can custom-formulate cleaner chemicals at any of our manufacturing facilities to customer specifications.

Your Needs
Need more acidity? Low foaming? Less alkalinity? Non-chelated? Easy rinsing? Scented? Pink? Green? Thermally stable? Low or no VOC’s? Biologically active? Allow us to make the product you desire.

While our product line has grown by several orders of magnitude, we maintain a broad spectrum of cleaning products including, but not limited to:

  • • Cleaners for automotive and warehouse floor cleaning applications
  • • Proprietary cleaning solutions including our MembraneKleener cleaners for reverse osmosis systems
  • • Non-hazardous and environmentally friendly EnviroClean product line for general floor cleaning and heavy grease removal
  • • Over 250 USDA approved cleaners for the food processing industry
  • • Fleet vehicle cleaners
  • • Concrete cleaners for Ready Mix truck washing
  • • General purpose cleaners
  • • Process area floor cleaners
  • • Degreasing solutions
  • • Heavy duty grease and lube oil removal
  • • Grease trap cleaners

We sell concentrated products and supply the best automated dilution equipment available to our customers. Everyone has access to water – there is no need to pay for it to be shipped in a drum or tote bin.


With all customers, C.C.I. makes service our number one priority. This is the quality that sets our company apart from the rest. We are proud of the fact that our responsiveness and support capabilities are among the best in the industry. This is a benefit that C.C.I. holds right from the start.

Most of C.C.I.’s cleaners are sold in concentrated form. In our ongoing efforts to be the best and provide the best, C.C.I. has gained access to the best dilution equipment available. Couple this with the expertise of product and the technical knowledge of our sales and service staff, and it becomes evident that few companies can compare to the qualities of C.C.I.

C.C.I. also operates a fully equipped laboratory offering many types of analysis. We utilize the latest in technology to ensure the most accurate analysis possible. Taken a step further, this translates into a win for the customer. With many services available at no extra charge, and the ability to create a custom blended cleaner for your specific purpose, it again shows that C.C.I. is showing an ongoing effort to stay ahead of the rest of the industry.

The person-to-person relationship is what drives our sales force. From the beginning of the business relationship, C.C.I. sales and support staff will be there to ensure that operators, supervisors, and even managers have a mutual understanding that endures the life of the relationship. On-site training is the best way to build this relationship. This type of training opens up and encourages communication from the very beginning.

Contact CCI for more information on our cleaner line – let us make exactly what you’d like to see in a cleaner.

Click here for a detailed list of cleaner products.