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Industrial Cleaner Chemical Products

C.C.I. has an extensive line of chemical cleaner products. All of our cleaners are custom blended in our facilities to the highest quality standards.

Your Needs
We provide chemical cleaners for numerous applications. If there is a specific need that is not present in the list below, we will be more than happy to custom formulate a cleaner that will easily meet your requirement. It is also necessary to note that many of our cleaners are USDA approve, allowing them to be used in just about any industry, including food and medical.

Proprietary Cleaners
C.C.I. has many proprietary cleaners that excel. Our line of MembraneKleener products does an excellent job of cleaning filtration membranes, with an incredible dilution rate of 1:50 with water. However, their effectiveness is not limited to this area. Different MembraneKleener products have been used to flush heat exchangers as well as being used on heavy duty general purpose cleaning.

Our line of EnviroClean products also has many different functions. Originally designed as a pH neutral degreaser, this product has been used very effectively as a general purpose cleaner in dilutions as low as 1:100 with water. We have now extended our EnviroClean line to include a line specifically dedicated to heavy-duty grease and grime.

The following is a list of our product lines:

  • • Warehouse Floor Cleaners
  • • Fleet Vehicle Cleaners
  • • Concrete Cleaners
  • • MembraneKleener Cleaners
  • • EnviroClean Cleaners
  • • General Purpose Cleaners
  • • Process Area Floor Cleaners
  • • Degreasing Solutions
  • • Heavy Duty Grease Removal

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