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Advantage EC-1 Electronic Coagulation Enhancement

Take Advantage and Reduce Wastewater Treatment Cost

Reduce DAF Chemicals
Reduce Sludge Volume
Improve Effluent Quality
Improve DAF Stability
Improve Free-Float Recovery

How it works:

The CCI Advantage [EC-1] applies complex modulating energy bursts to the wastewater as it flows through the area where the induction plates are fitted to the outside of the flow-line. The required energy level is applied to the water to alter the net charge of suspended solids which begins the coagulation process and reduces the demand for chemical coagulant. Surface tension of the water is also reduced allowing the DAF scrapings to decant more completely which in turn limits the solids volume.

Advantage Brochure
Advantage Demo
Project Profiles:
Green Bay WI Beef Plant
Dobson NC Poultry Plant
West Coast Rendering Plant
View our Advantage System Package which includes the AF-2.