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Advantage System Package

Making Technology Work For Wastewater Savings

Combination of the AF-2 automatic chemical feed controller and EC-1 electronic coagulation system.

Advantage Feed System (AF-2)

TSS Monitoring
The Advantage Feed system relies on spectroscopy rather than the human eye. A durable TSS sensor placed in the wastewater effluent stream sends critical information to the AF-2 Controller. The sensor is cleaned automatically to ensure accuracy.

Desired effluent TSS is programmed by management into the system by selecting a minimum and maximum range and entering the set points via the AF-2 color touch screen. Real time TSS value is constantly displayed.

The AF-2 is designed to control coagulant and polymer chemical feed pumps. AF-2 output wires are connected to chemical feed pumps and (4 – 20 mA) signals from the AF-2 ramp the pumps up or down to meet set point. The system calculates and adjusts the feed pumps every 57 seconds or when necessary.

Only the best quality components have been selected for the AF-2 to insure reliability. The system is on call 24/7 – 365. It never gets sick or takes a vacation.

Advantage Electronic Coagulation (EC – 1)

CCI’s Advantage EC-1 is a non-intrusive physical water treatment system designed to electronically reduce coagulant and polymer demand in DAF clarifiers.

Twin Induction Plates are mounted on the DAF feed line or floc tube and wired to the Advantage EC-1 controller. Powerful energy pulses penetrate the pipe wall and neutralize some of the negative charge which holds solids in colloidal suspension. Since some of the work is being done by the Advantage EC-1 less chemical is required to complete the reaction.

Analog adjustments of pulse timing and amplitude are provided to fine tune the EC-1 output for optimum results.

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Advantage System Brochure
Advantage System Technical Specifications

Project Profiles:

Green Bay WI Beef Plant
Dobson NC Poultry Plant
West Coast Rendering Plant