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Waste Water Treatment Chemical Products

C.C.I. has an extensive line of waste water treatment chemical products. Utilizing our own chemical blending facilities, we manufacture our chemistries to the highest quality standards. The industries we serve range from oil refining to power production and from steel production to paper converting.

Custom Chemical Blending

We have over 200 USDA approved chemistries for food and medical industries. C.C.I. offers custom chemical blends to improve the efficiency of your system or to meet a specific need within your system.

Proprietary Chemical Blends

C.C.I. waste treatment technology includes numerous proprietary chemical blends, some of which consist of:

Membrane Compatible
Low Toxicity Blends
Coagulant / Precipitant Blends
Charge Neutral Iron Powder
Copper Treatment for IBM Process


C.C.I. utilizes many coagulant products to be used in various programs.
Our more popular features in our coagulant lines include:

Membrane Compatible Chemistries
Low TDS Chemistries
Coagulant/Polymer Blends
Specific to Silicon Waste Streams
Specific to CMP Streams
Organic and Inorganic Chemistries


Many waste treatment systems require the use of polymers. All of our polymers are also available in food grade.
C.C.I. offers various polymers including:

Anionic Emulsion
Anionic Dry
Cationic Emulsion
Cationic Dry
Nonionic Emulsion
Nonionic Dry

Oil Treatment

C.C.I. incorporates programs and chemistries for oil treatment.
The various oil treatment programs include:

Organic Products for Oil in Water Emulsions
Inorganic Products for Oil in Water Emulsions
Water in Oil Emulsion Breakers


Among the extensive list of other chemistries, C.C.I. also has a wide variety defoamers available.
Among the list of defoamers C.C.I. can provide:

Water-Based (no oil)
Silicon Emulsion
Water-Based Silicon
Oil Based
Oil-Based Emulsifiable
Water-Based Silicon

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