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SMZ Phosphorus Removal

(Surface Modified Zeolite) Natural Coagulant

  • • New Phosphorus Limit You Just Can’t Meet?
  • • Tired of paying for chemicals that don’t do the job?
  • • Tired of paying too much to land apply sludge?
  • • Tired of paying compliance surcharges?
SMZ was designed to provide a non-toxic, feed ready alternative to conventional iron or aluminum salt chemistry in food processing industry applications requiring phosphorus removal.
It’s safe of course. As a feed amendment it has proven to provide 10-12% better feed conversion. In separating the protein from oil fractions the density of the solid phase allows for better recovery or split with the oil/solid phases.
Because chemically, SMZ is a reducing agent, the product behaves to prevent oxidation of the lipid fraction. Conversely, ferric coagulants behave as a catalyst in the oxidation reaction – promoting the degradation of fat resulting in higher than desired free fatty acids. SMZ can be applied with a tunable density so that the solid/oil/liquid fractions separate better in centrifuge grease recovery applications. The typical conversion from ferric to SMZ will result in a 50 percent solids volume reduction.
The primary constituent used to modify the zeolite surface sites has FDA approval in pharmaceutical embodiments and European Commission approval as a direct zoo-technical feed additive. CCI is promoting the use of SMZ as an alternative to iron or aluminum salts in wastewater applications where DAF float is recovered.
CCI has always understood SMZ for superior phosphorus and BOD removal but it is also the superior, safer, value added substrate for Rendering Facilities.
SMZ Brochure
SMZ Project Profile – Poultry Processor